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Relevance in Store


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"Relevance in Store" provides retailers a roadmap and tool kit for optimizing the in-store experience to drive product discovery and sales.

By accessing RichRelevance’s powerful DataMesh platform and team of retail data experts, retailers can merge online and offline data sources and rapidly build custom applications, which allow retailers to effectively engage shoppers at every store touchpoint — front entrance, aisle, kiosk, associate, dressing room, and checkout.


Explore "Relevance in Store"

"Relevance in Store" optimizes personalization for all customer touchpoints in your physical retail environment, exposing shoppers to the right inventory and enhancing product discovery. Through the use of beacons and our iOS SDK, retailers can create limitless APIs and access online and offline data from any channel with real-time behavioral updates. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • Store Entrance

    Through the use of beacons, retailers can digitally greet the shopper with relevant offers, promotions and notifications, much as a top-notch sales associate would do.

  • Aisle

    By using location-aware iOS SDKs, retailers can combine behavior with online and offline data to expose the shopper to real-time inventory as she wanders the store, enabling her to access an “endless aisle” of products and offers.

  • Kiosk

    A price check presents a timely opportunity to present nearby cross-sells and additional details on the current items in her cart.

  • Associate

    Associates can present relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities, becoming product and category experts with minimal training.

  • Checkout

    A personalized store receipt and/or follow-up email upon checkout offers an opportunity to build customer lifetime value, by encouraging a shopper's next visit with a discount, or inspiring participation in a loyalty program.

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The Omnichannel Lab in our San Francisco headquarters is a fully-functional retail test environment equipped with beacons, point of sale systems and digital surfaces, which when combined with mobile SDKs and omnichannel data, enable RichRelevance clients and partners to create in-store personalized experiences for consumers.

Experience "Relevance in Store” in action at our San Francisco headquarters to see how we’re transforming the retail experience. Email us today to arrange a tour.


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